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Welcome to Bodytronics

Our goal at bodytronics.com is to provide both our wholesale and retail customers with the best possible products and customer service at the best price.

Our company was founded as service-oriented, and despite our evolution, that focus has not been forgotten. We want our customers to know who they are doing business with and feel comfortable with their choice.

More than just an "internet company" we are a privately held, fully staffed business with a purpose-built "brick and mortar" headquarters. Our street address, email addresses, and toll-free phone numbers are prominently displayed throughout our website, and there are real people on the other end waiting to answer your call, email, or fax. We are proud of our history as a service-first company, and would like to share our history with you.

Pedometers @ Bodytronics

Pedometers at Bodytronics

At Bodytronics our approach to selling pedometers is a little different than most retailers.

Of course our prices are low, and we offer free shipping. But instead of offering a confusing myriad of pedometers with overlapping features, we simplify your shopping experience by segmenting our line into a few key categories and offer a few quality choices in each segment. Bodytronics brand pedometers represent an unparalleled value to performance standard, a value proposition you can’t ignore whether you’re buying 1, 1000, or 100,000 pcs. Omron pedometers feature the latest sensor technology and are a favorite of many users. Our commitment is to make your walking or fitness program dollar stretch as far as possible! We offer very competitive quantity pricing (starting at 10 pcs) and custom logo pedometers (starting at 100pcs).

Need help choosing a pedometer? Look no further than our Featured 5 Pedometers page - read a little, learn a lot, and get the pedometer that fits your needs!

Stopwatches & Timers @ Bodytronics

Stopwatches and Timers at Bodytronics

Your one-stop source for stopwatches and timers – it’s where our business started.

When we launched back in 1994 all we sold were stopwatches and timers. Our focus was to offer a huge selection of the best brands at the best price possible. Fast forward to 2013, and that focus has not changed. Whether you need a very simple stopwatch for volunteers at your sporting event or a NIST traceable calibrated stopwatch or timer for an industrial time study, we’ve got you covered! If you have an event or process you need to time, we have the stopwatch or timer to time it! We ship fast with Free Shipping from our massive in-stock inventory.

Need help choosing a stopwatch or timer? Look no further than our Featured 5 Stopwatches or Featured 5 Timers pages - read a little, learn a lot, and find the solution to your timing problem! And if you need further assistance, our timing experts are always available to help.

Heart Rate Monitors at Bodytronics

Heart Rate Monitors @ Bodytronics

Every model of all the best brands in stock with the lowest prices and Free Shipping!
With a personal touch..

We are an authorized dealer of Garmin, Timex, and Polar heart rate monitors. What separates us from the “big box” guys is we’ll help you find the right heart rate monitor to fit your needs. Simply email, live chat, or call our toll-free number and we will make sure you get the right heart rate monitor from the start! Every order is carefully packed and shipped FAST (usually the same day), so why compromise?

Make sure to check out our Featured 5 Heart Rate Monitors page for immediate assistance in making your selection.

Blood Pressure Monitors @ Bodytronics

Blood Pressure Monitors at Bodytronics

The best selection and pricing on LifeSource and Omron blood pressure monitors, plus Free Shipping!

If you need a blood pressure monitor, you're at the right place. Whether you need a wrist model for travel, or a full-featured upper arm model for daily use, we have you covered. Need help selecting the best model for your needs? Just email, chat, or call us toll-free for a quick consultation, we’re here to help.

For immediate assistance make sure to check out our Featured 5 Blood Pressure Monitors page.

Sport Watches at Bodytronics

Sport Watches @ Bodytronics

Sport watches from competition to casual and everything in-between!

Unique and functional sport watches from Timex and Garmin. Whether you’re looking for the latest Timex Ironman, Garmin Swim, GPS, or Timex Weekender casual, we have the most unique and popular styles in stock. We have a large in-stock selection featuring low prices and free shipping.

Need help selecting your watch? Check out our Featured 5 Sport Watches page for immediate assistance with your selection.

Bodytronics is an Authorized Garmin and Timex Sports Specialty dealer

GPS Watches @ Bodytronics

GPS Watches at Bodytronics

Utilize the power of GPS to add speed & distance to your workout data!

We offer the top GPS training watches from Garmin, Polar, and Timex. Choose from a wide selection, basic models, models with heart rate, and advanced multi-sport training models. You can count on the latest watches being in stock with low prices and FAST free shipping! Our expert pre-sales support is always just an email, chat, or toll-free phone call away, insuring you get the right model the first time.

Our Featured 5 GPS Watches page also helps you narrow your choices to immediately find a GPS solution for your workout.

Bodytronics is an Authorized dealer of Garmin, Polar, and Timex GPS trianing solutions.